May 24, 2011

Travel Italy with Conservative Tours

An old adage from Italy states that one “can never have a bad wine in Italy!” While this may be difficult to prove in absolute terms the point is well taken----Italy never disappoints! Italy is a long series of varied and captivating places to discover, the likes of which you find only in Italy.

Italy - Civilization, Art, Culture, Cuisine & Architecture!

Where will we go on a Tour of Italy?

You’ve arrived in the capital of this great nation, where the sun always shines and the natives always have a warm embrace for their friends from America!
Where else but in Sicily can one find the crossroads of so many different civilizations and conquering tribes, the traces of whom remain to this day in a place like The Valley of the Temples.

The Lost City of Pompeii has no rival on the planet-----and archaeologists are still unearthing bits and pieces that reveal more and more of life in that era.

The Imperial City, the heart of an Empire----Rome

Civilization was enhanced, both friend and foe would concede, when all roads led to Rome; and we focus on understanding daily life in Rome when the Imperial Forum was a bustling hub of activity and the Coliseum was the forerunner to today’s palatial sporting arenas.

As the center of Christianity and the Roman Catholic church The Vatican is itself worth the transatlantic voyage-----a unique repository of history, academics, politics, art, and drama.

Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre

It’s not hard to understand why people return so often to the places they fall in love with in Italy. The selection is impressive and the destinations are iconic for good reason----they never disappoint. That’s Italy!