June 9, 2011

Travel France with Conservative Tours

France is by no accident the most visited country in the world by tourists. It has continuously ranked at the top year in and year out as the world’s premiere tourist destination.

At Conservative Tours our approach is straightforward: offer a high-end, luxury guided tour to see all the beauty that is France, and adding an element that has special appeal to conservatives.

What's so Conservative about a Trip to France?

The Conservative element of our guided tours of France often manifested in our two day visit to the hallowed grounds of the D-Day Beaches.The World War II sites that we most often visit are The D-Day Beaches and The Battle of the Bulge. It doesn’t take much time to answer the question “why do you go there?” (We know it’s the right thing to do.)

Whether it’s the Beaches at Anzio, our cemetery outside Florence, or Omaha Beach, we often are thanked by our guests for taking them there. It is a pilgrimage of a sacred kind and it is part and parcel of who we are at Conservative Tours Incorporated.