August 4, 2011

Take a Gastronomical (Food & Wine) Tour with Conservative Tours

Every tour event at Conservative Tours is, by implication, a gastronomical tour. How could it not be? We’re going to 3 countries that over the centuries have refined cuisine the way few others have!

Our gastronomical events focus often on regional cuisines, like cassoulet from Castelnaudary in France, seafood from Sicily, or Paella from Valencia.

We rely on trained sommeliers to find the true, ideal wines for such dishes. Another aspect of our gastronomical focus is the preparation of cuisine, thus our adventures in cooking lessons from professional chefs.

It’s always a revelation to be taught how to cook when you’re in the presence of great professional chefs. Dining goes to the heart of great culture; and this is part of how we view the value of traveling to these great lands. Beauty, history, wine and haute cuisine-----the essence of a first class tour to Europe.