Our Philosophy

Conservatives and Liberals have little if anything in common. Liberals worship the snail darter, the Dali Lama, the U.N., bio-degradable bags full of twigs, cut grass and spent coffee grinds. Conservatives worship God, an F-150, the F-16, football, cops, and above all else, our military.

That being the case, why would anyone want to run the risk of taking a 3 hour bullet train ride from Paris to Marseille and risk being next to a liberal?

Our History

Conservative Tours was created with the goal of giving American Conservatives the opportunity to enjoy luxury tours of select European destinations in the company of (politically) like minded fellow Americans.

Additionally, CT incorporates in most of its tour events an element that we refer to as “conservative content.” This usually takes the form of a visit to a military site, like our cemetery outside Florence, or an actual visit to a battlefield, such as Anzio, the Battle of the Bulge, and our most popular, The D-Day Beaches.

The formula we use, while simple, is effective in that it allows our guests the chance to focus on all the beauty and high culture of historic Europe as well as the “conservative content” that binds them to those Americans who went before us heroically in a far off land.

About Your Host

Your host at Conservative Tours is Kenneth G. Chase, who was the Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2006. He won his party’s convention and subsequently the primary by proudly standing for a fiscal and social conservative agenda.

His opponent in the general election was none other than Ted Kennedy (see debate photo.) Not only did most people feel Chase won his debate against the liberal lion even the left leaning Boston Globe admired the way Chase took the fight to Kennedy!

Since 1981, Ken has been visiting friends and family in France, Spain and Belgium and at times heading across the pond for work in his capacity as head of The French & Spanish School or to do political analysis. He knows Paris and France like the back of his hand and frequently visits Spain and Belgium, and now he's going to share his knowledge with you! He mastered the French language as a young man enrolled in a French university and the friends he's made help make Conservative Tours what it is today, a way for true American Conservatives to travel in luxury, together, with a trusted friend who knows the terrain and the language!